What’s New: West Boundary Community Forest Board of Director Appointment

The Shareholders of the West Boundary Community Forest Inc. are currently looking to fill the vacant position on the Board of the West Boundary Community Forest Inc.

The Board of Directors of the WBCFI is responsible to help guide, manage, supervise and execute the management and operations of the business and affairs of the community forest subject to the Business Corporations Act, and the Articles of Incorporation of the West Boundary Community Forest Inc.

The appointment to the Board will require a commitment of volunteer time to attend monthly general meetings and other special meetings of the Board as required, including the Annual Public Consultation meeting.

For those interested in filling the position on the Board, qualifications should include a good knowledge and understanding of the logging and lumber industry.  A desire to maintain a sustainable, economically viable, healthy and safe forest environment that will provide education, employment and enjoyment for the local municipalities of Mideway, Greenwood and the communities in the surrounding rural area.  The ability to work collaboratively with others, and the availability to attend meetings.

If you live within the Village of Midway, City of Greenwood or the Regional District Kootenay Boundary Area E and are interested to sit on the Board, you are welcome to submit your name, address and contact information such as an email and telephone number, along with a summary of your qualifications to the attention of the Chief Administrative Officer of the Village of Midway at midwaybc@shaw.ca

Deadline to submit your interest is 4:00 pm, Thursday June 17th, 2021

Those that have submitted an expression of interest by the deadline date will be provided with a confirmation email the will include the date and time of the Shareholders Annual General Meeting, and electronic invitation with specifics for attendance to the meeting.