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Our directory is a fulsome list of businesses and service organizations in the West Boundary.

The public can select by community and by category. This makes the Directory relevant to all our rural communities.
It is self-enrolling…you can create and maintain an entry for your own business or organization. For example, you can switch out your photos and change your opening times as you need to, at any time, without coming to us. When you create an entry, you will choose an ID and a password so that you can control access to the listing. Your submission will go live when our Administrator approves it and assigns a primary category and secondary category(ies). She will confirm these categories with you.

If you need help, our Administrator can guide you: admin@trailstotheboundary.com or call 250 446-2975.

We reserve the right to approve all directory listings that are added. Generally, we restrict entries to those located in the West Boundary. We will make exceptions if we judge them to be relevant to the communities we serve. Click here to see our policy for this online Directory. This policy also gives guidelines about the assignment of categories.

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