Rock Creek

A Hidden Jewel of Nature and Community Spirit

A Hidden Jewel of Nature and Community Spirit

We are best known for our history of the Rock Creek Gold Rush (1859), Rock Creek Fall Fair, cowboys and loggers.  Rock Creek is situated at the intersection of current day Hwy 3 (Crowsnest) and Hwy 33.  At the confluence of Kettle River and Rock Creek, this was an important place for First Nations.  The initial influx of newcomers arrived with the Gold Rush, when the population burgeoned to an estimated 5,000.  The next wave of arrivals came with European Settlers who came here to farm.  Many old buildings from this time period remain, scattered throughout Rock Creek and surrounding Kettle Valley.  Stop by Riverside Visitor Centre in Rock Creek to learn more about our history.  We love to talk about it, and we sell books written about the early days in the area and some of our well known characters.

Main industries in the area are farming, logging and tourism.  The Trans Canada Trail (TCT) traverses the area, connecting us with the rest of the West Boundary.  As with many parts of the TCT, the trail was created on the rail bed of the long defunct railway, in this case the Kettle River Railway (KVR).  Being initially constructed as a railway, the trail follows the Kettle River through the valley bottom, so the grade is gradual and well suited to cycling.  Tourists come from around the world to cycle the TCT. 

The Rock Creek Fall Fair was started in 1915.  It ran until 1924, when there was a shortage of men post WW1 through WW2.  It resumed in 1946 and has run continuously ever since.  The Fair attracts 14,000+ visitors to our small rural area with a population of only a few hundred.  The Fair showcases our agricultural and logging heritage.  It also serves as an annual fundraiser for non-profit organizations across the West Boundary.  Few lives are not touched in some way by the Fair.  It’s largely run by volunteers and it’s all hands on deck in September!

Rock Creek has several year round coffee shops, curio shops, art & craft sales and the historic Rock Creek Hotel & Pub (built in 1895), also know as the Prospector Pub. 

Other attractions to the area are the Kettle Valley Golf Club and the Kettle Wildlife Hall with their growing number of annual events.  The fairgrounds in are also host to the annual Boogie Bash (Association of Injured Motorists), rodeo and horse events.