A Tranquil Haven in the Heart of the Okanagan

A Tranquil Haven in the Heart of the Okanagan

Bridesville Townsite is a small enclave of about 35 residences on a short section of road coming off Highway 3 that used to be the Vancouver Victoria & Eastern Railway (VVE).  The townsite is located between Osoyoos to the west and Rock Creek to the east, at an elevation of 1,030 meters, near the summit of Anarchist Mountain.    The broader Bridesville area is characterized by large ranch holdings and forested crown land stretching along the US border and including Anarchist Mountain and the foothills of Mount Baldy.  

The primary industry since colonial settlement is cattle ranching, which is well suited to the high rolling grasslands.  Some of the ranches have been in the same family for several generations.  The Dumont Ranch has been continuously operated by the same family since it was granted by the Crown in 18xx.  Ranchers have grazing rights to Crown land on Anarchist and Baldy Mountains…it is not unusual to see cattle on the range when driving the back roads from May to October.  If you are visiting the area, check the Accommodations section of the Directory for opportunities for ranch stays. 

People in the area came together in 1958 (Centennial Year) to build the Bridesville Hall, which has been the centre of community life since.  The Bridesville dances are legendary!  Community organizations include Bridesville Community Club, Bridesville Women’s Institute, Rock Creek Farmer’s Institute and 4H.  There have been several books written about early days in the area and some of our well known characters.  These can be purchased at the Riverside Visitor Centre in Rock Creek.

People are attracted to live in the area because of the strong agricultural culture, community connection, access to outdoors and proximity to Mount Baldy Ski Resort, provincial parks and crown land.  There are 4 definite seasons at our elevation and snow in Winter is a certainty…you won’t need to leave home to snowshoe!  We love that it always cools down on Summer nights…in fact those of us who garden learn to take measures to manage potential for frost year round.