Community Services

The Community Services section is designed to orient people who live here and people who are thinking about moving here to services and regulatory background in the West Boundary.

We get a lot of questions from both locals and visitors.

This is our attempt to direct people to the right service or agency. We are not the providers of these services and we are not attempting to represent the service providers or government agencies that we refer to in this section.  We are trying to index information from other sources in order to help people find the information sources they need. 

Please email us at if you find any errors in the information provided in this section.

Building Construction

Building Permits
Building Supplies
Building Stats

Cemeteries & Funeral Homes

Active Cemeteries
Inactive Cemeteries
Cemetery Service
Funeral Homes

Fire Departments

Fire protection in the West Boundary
Four fire departments in the West Boundary
Challenges of providing structural fire protection services in rural areas
Advocating for new or extended fire protection services


Understanding who is responsible for road maintenance in BC
How highway maintenance works in BC
How to report concerns about road conditions in your area
Road classifications & maintenance standards
Understanding my responsibility as a property owner

Advocacy: taking my concerns to a higher level

If your concerns aren’t be addressed, you can escalate your concern through the following. Keep good notes about your concerns and use email to document your correspondence.

Local government

Ministry of Transportation & Infrastructure

Ask for an email contact: