What’s New: Watershed Strategy Security and Fund

We need to hear from you!

Watershed Security Strategy and Fund

Deadline for comments: Friday, MARCH 18, 2022
The Province is looking to hear what matters most about watershed and water management for those living throughout BC. How are the pressures different in different BC regions? What does each region need from the Province to succeed in effective watershed management?
We need as many Boundary residents to engage as possible! The Province needs to see that responsible watershed management is a priority for the Boundary. This is a first (and a very important) step. We need to show the Province that long-term funding is needed to do this important work. To tell them what has to be considered when making a decision that could impact our watersheds. They need to hear from you!
If all goes well, we should know the outcome of this strategy by 2023.
The Partnership for Water Sustainability in BC