What’s New: Upcoming Kettle River Watershed Advisory Meeting

Boundary Intergrated Watershed Service is holding a meeting Tuesday, March 28th from 9:30 am to  12:00 pm. This is an in person meeting with an online option. The agenda for the upcoming Kettle River Watershed Advisory Council meeting has just been posted and can be downloaded at the RDKB Meeting calendar rdkb.com/Regional-Government/Meetings. Always open to the public, this month’s meeting will be held at the Christina Lake Community Hall. To register for the online option please see the agenda. At each meeting we try to hold a presentation on a watershed topic pertinent to the Boundary Region.

This meeting’s presentation will be on the upcoming prescribed burn proposed for a block in the Sutherland/Italy Creek watershed, presented by Interfor (Jamie Hibberson) and BC Wildfire Service (James Ritco and James Katasonoff). To see a site map and the description of the presentation, please go to https://kettleriver.ca/2023/03/krwac-mar28-2023/.

Have questions – contact Kristina Anderson at watershedplanner@rdkb.com.