What’s New: Ungulate Chronic Wasting Disease Program

The BC Wildlife Health Program is asking for your help in reporting deer, elk or moose that have Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD).  It is a threat to BC’s ungulate population and reporting a sickly deer, or hunters submitting samples, will help control the spread of the disease.

Please call 1-877-952-RAPP to report, or call Cait Nelson at (250) 751-3219 for more information.

For hunters in the area, here are 2 information sheets to download or look at:

For hunters in the region, we have joined together with the wildlife biologists to aid in monitoring and preventing Chronic Wasting Disease.
In Region 4 (Kootenays) there is a mandatory inspection for all deer hunted in Region 4.
We have a voluntary drop off for ungulate heads in Region 8. The depot locations are:
1) At the KWA for club members
2) nonmembers can call 604-892-7698 for drop off in Rock Creek