What’s New: Trails to the Boundary Chainsaw Course June 16th and 17th Free

Chain Saw Course June 16th and 17th

Trails To the Boundary Society is sponsoring a basic chain saw course on Tuesday, June 16th and Wednesday, June 17th (Likely at the Westbridge Community Hall) . This is for volunteers who wish to help maintain the rail trail between Eholt and the McCulloch – 155 km long.

It’s part of The Great Trail (known to most as the TCT or Trans Canada Trail). For people who make a committment to volunteer with us, the chain saw course will be no cost. This course is a requirement for volunteers to use powersaws and then you are covered under our partnership agreement with RSTBC.

The covid plan is to hold it outdoors and have all Covid precautions in play PM our page or contact Ciel Sander, our trail coordinator if you are interested. Bring your own lunch. ┬áCell – 250-444-7547 or email trailstotheboundary(at) gmail.com