What’s New: Seniors Outing in Westbridge – All West Boundary Seniors Welcome

West Boundary Seniors are invited to join some of the folks who live at Parkview Manor in Midway, at the Westbridge Hall – Thursday 10 August 2023 – 11:00 am – 1:00 pm.
BRING YOUR OWN PICNIC LUNCH. (tea/coffee served.)
Come for an informal visit with the Parkview Manor residents enjoying a day out in the country.
Find out what life is like in Midway.
Eat your lunch at a table in the Hall or at a riverside picnic table.
A caregiver, friend or family member is welcome to accompany you.
Visit the Boutique Westbridge Thrift Shop. (Cash only)
Both the Hall and Thrift Store have convenient entry ramps and the Hall toilets are handicap-friendly.