What’s New: Rock Creek Medical Centre Fundraising 2021



The Rock Creek Community Medical Society is inviting YOU to donate to its renovation project of the current large examination room of the Rock Creek Medical Centre.  All donors, individuals and/or groups/organizations donating more than $200.00 will have their name engraved on a plague.  This plague will be mounted in a strategic place in the Medical Centre.

The renovations of the large examination/surgical room are necessary for the following reasons:

  • Because of the current design and layout of the room, it is a challenge to provide adequate space between the Nurse Practitioner and the patient as required by the COVID-19 protocols.  This is a patient safety issue.  The Medical Centre was designed over 40 years ago.  In the meantime, the use of that room has changed but the design of the room has not changed for the required usage.
  • The walls need to be sound-proofed.  Currently, there is no sound insulation in the walls.  Consequently, all Nurse Practitioner/patient dialogues can be clearly heard out in the hall way and receptionist office.  This has comprised patient privacy.  This is a critical need.
  • Additional cupboard space is required to store equipment and supplies that were not required 40 years ago.  Additional cupboard space is needed.

Our current cost estimate is in the range of $20,000.  Your donation will be appreciated.  All donations are eligible for an Income Tax receipt.  Donations can be dropped off at the Medical Centre or mailed to the Centre.  The address is:

Rock Creek Community Medical Society

PO Box 9

Rock Creek, BC

V0H 1Y0

Other Fund Raising Activity: Join us at the Westbridge Market on Sunday, May 23 at 2720 Highway 33, Westbridge 10 am to 2 pm.

For additional information, please contact Harald zinner, President, at hgzinner@gmail.com or telephone 250-446-2517.