What’s New: Red Earth Medicine invites you to our AGM

Red Earth Medicine invites you to our AGM

Thursday, November 4th 2021

11:00 am Online on Zoom

This is a timely opportunity to come together.  Red Earth Medicine is an Indigenous led non-profit.  We honour our local, resident nations and reach out to all who are newly planted.  With an Elders council to guide, we are committed to sharing Indigenous Ways of Knowing and Being.  By using many of the assets available in our area we can create a venue to bring more resources to our community to support what we, as members, envision.  Do you have some ideas to enhance well-being, embrace your identity, encourage healthy living, celebrate culture or share your knowledge?

Bring your excitement and ideas .  Once you are a member you can nominate persons for Board positions.  Please email for instructions.

To apply for membership and/or register to attend the AGM, phone Judy at 250 449-1849 or

email redearthmedicine1@gmail.com

Judy Letendre