What’s New: RDKB Drought Report for September

This report was compiled by Kristina Andersen, the RDKB Watershed Planner.

With our region’s cooler spring temperatures and increased precipitation, we continue to see a buffering from these hotter summer temperatures. Attached is a quick summary of conditions here in the Kettle River Watershed. I have included links to each map so hopefully they can be accessed individually, which will also allow them to be much larger than in the attached document. Three of the five Kettle River sub-watersheds have been moved to a level 3 (severely dry) drought classification. Under this level, the Province recommends a 30% voluntary reduction of water use. As our stream water levels continue to drop, they continue to be monitored very closely.

The RDKB has been monitoring the air temperature differences from an area with large shade trees and a nearby site without – feel free to reach out to Kristina for more information. Thank you to SD51 for supporting this project.

The next drought condition update will happen near the end of September, unless conditions warrant otherwise.

To read the drought report in its entirety, with maps and graphs, click here.