What’s New: Participate in the Boundary Poverty Reduction Survey

Boundary Poverty Reduction Strategy 

Please help shape the RDKB’s approach to poverty reduction in your community by contributing to the Boundary Poverty Reduction survey https://jointheconversation.rdkb.com/admin/projects/boundary-poverty-reduction-strategy

Paper surveys are also available at the Midway and Greenwood Public Libraries, Rock Creek RiversideCentre, and the Beaverdell Post Office.

We are in need of a poverty reduction strategy to help alleviate poverty and guide the strategic direction which will contribute to a healthier and more resilient community for all to thrive. This strategy will include a set of concrete activities and timelines, along with a set of indicators to measure success in areas such as housing, food security, community health, social and community services, learning and development and the local economy.

We invite you to be a part of this important process and share your voice and ideas with us. The deadline to provide your input is May 14th. We look forward to hearing from you.