What’s New: Norm Foster Play ‘Halfway There’ in Midway

‘Halfway There’ –Norm Foster at his very best.

Norm Foster is often compared to America’s famous Neil Simon.  He writes plays that are extremely funny, but yet touch our heartstrings with telling moments, striking deep into the realities of life, its sorrows balanced against its joys. For every whopper that make you laugh until you can’t take it anymore are scenes which make you meet the humanity of the characters.
At the centre of this play are four lovable women, close friends, who could easily exist in a small town anywhere in Canada. As one critic put it, “Together they face the losses in their lives with a will to shrug off sorrow and the strength to hold on tight to what makes them strong. They are so very real!”
They aren’t the fixed centre of the story, but they are “the steamrolling heart of Foster’s wonderful play. They are what gives it its joy, laughter and tender moments of female bonding, moments that transcend life’s sometimes awkward and painful annoyances.”
The audience will be transported to a small, local diner in Stewiacke, Nova Scotia, halfway from the equator to the North Pole.
Into this town enters handsome Sean Merritt, a visiting locum doctor who’s wound up working for a month or two at the local clinic.  Romance with Janine, youngest of the four friends, eventually ensues.
The title, ‘Halfway There”, is of course, more than a geographic location.  It’s where the characters ARE in their lives.  Things happen!
Join MIDWAY…and Beyond LITTLE THEATRE at Midway Community Hall.  The play runs from May 4th-6th.  This includes a Saturday MATINEE performance.  Tickets or Reservations are available from Midway’s “THE SPOT”  Give them a call at 250-449-2345.