What’s New: Kettle River Watershed Advisory Council Meeting

On Tuesday (January 31st) the Kettle River Watershed Advisory Council will hold their winter meeting, from 9:30-noon at the Community Centre in Greenwood. These meetings are open to the public, and available online for those unable to attend in person. Link to the agenda and online registration option is at the RDKB Meeting Calendar (rdkb.com/Regional-Government/Meetings).

This Tuesday’s presentation will be focused on mining in the Boundary Region. Linda Caron will be providing a general introduction to mining and mineral exploration activities, then give us a look at what’s happening here in the Boundary Region.  She’ll talk about what these activities mean in terms of water usage, risk, and watershed management, and then will provide a glimpse of what the future might hold in terms of opportunities and adjustments as we look to managing our resources in a changing climate.