What’s New: Kettle River Watershed Advisory Committee Meeting

Date: Tuesday, June 28th  9:30am – 12:00pm

Location: Westbridge Hall, 2935 Highway 33, Westbridge BC

This Tuesday (June 28th) the Kettle River Watershed Advisory Council will be holding their regular summer meeting at the Westbridge Community Hall, from 9:30 to noon. Visit the RDKB meeting calendar for the agenda. We are pleased to have Brody Armstrong, Forestry Manager for Penticton Indian Band, joining us to present on the Sylix Forestry Standards. You can read more about these standards at the following sites:  https://sourcewaterprotectiontoolkit.ca/syilx-forestry-standards/ and

Syilx Water Strategy 2022: https://www.syilx.org/wp/wp-content/uploads/2022/04/Syilx-Water-Strategy-2022-Edition.pdf

All Kettle River Watershed Advisory Council meetings are open to the public, there will be an online (Zoom) option available. Link to register for the online option is with the agenda on the RDKB Meetings Calendar.

RDKB Meeting Calendar: https://rdkb.com/Regional-Government/Meetings