What’s New: Emergency Broadcast System Test today at 1:55 PST

Hello Community Member —

Please note that a Canada-wide test of the National Public Alerting System will occur at 1:55pm (PST) on Wednesday, November 15 (today). The test alert will go to all compatible cellphones and interrupt radio and television broadcasts.

To receive the alert, your mobile device must be:
? Connected to LTE or 5G.
? Not on Do-Not-Disturb or airplane mode.*
? Have up-to-date software.
? It is not possible to opt out of this service.

Recognizing the importance of this tool, the Province expanded the use of BC Emergency Alerts. The Ministry of Emergency Management and Climate Readiness (EMCR) can issue emergency alerts at the request of a Local Government, First Nation partner agency or the Province during high-risk flood and wildfire evacuations, extreme heat emergencies, and tsunami warnings.

The BC RCMP, independently or at the request of local police, can issue emergency alerts during Amber Alerts and during civil emergencies, including active shooter events.