What’s New: Boundary Outdoor Club KVR Ride Midway to Rock Creek Return

Boundary Outdoor Club is riding from Midway to Rock Creek (19 km) and return on Saturday, July 13th. We will stop at the pub for lunch and a beer, or bring a pack lunch, or there’s also the small cafe there if you prefer. This is a leisurely ride to enjoy the birds and river scenery. We’ll stop at a swimming hole on the east ride of the Kettle River on the return trip. This section of the trail passes through open sunny areas as well as shaded sections beneath the fir and pines trees. It’s a beautiful ride. Please meet at the west end of the Midway campground (across the street from the old pub) at 10 am. Call 250-443-9289 for more information. This is all day trip. Not sure when we will return but I think probably around dinner time.

For location and contact information, click here.