What’s New: Basin Food Summit October 24-26 in Rossland BC

The Basin Food Summit will cultivate opportunities for producers, processors and food buyers and create space and programming for growth, networking, collaborations and the celebration of local food.

Open to Basin residents in the agriculture and food industry.

Thursday is The Basin Food & Buyers Expo, exhibiting opportunities for food producers and processors from the Basin to grow market opportunities and meet buyers (grocery, restaurant, distribution and food service) from across Western Canada.

Friday is the Agriculture Forum, gathering the region’s food growers, makers and support services to network and brainstorm around developing a thriving food and agriculture economy. ┬áThis conference will explore new technology and regenerative practices with targeted program streams and experts for food business, community and both established and emerging farms.

Friday and Saturday there are farming workshops geared towards new and young farmers looking to develop skills, build knowledge and networking with farming peers.

If You: Work with Food, Grow Food or Buy Food Professionally

This event is for you!

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