What’s New: Rock Creek Fair May Work Bee at the Campsite

Welcome to Spring All Local RCBFA Members, 4H Members and Friends of the Rock Creek Fall Fair!  We are looking forward to hosting many campers in our wonderful campground this season.  Fortis is scheduled to finally upgrade the electrical service so we can have 10 powered campsites!!

To help us prepare for opening on the May long weekend, we are having a work bee, and we’d love to have any help that you can give us!

Work Bee W5:

                When?  Friday and Saturday, May 12 & 13 from 9:00 to 3:00.  Feel free to come for as much time as you wish, either or both days!

                Where?  Shade Shelter, Blaine Memorial Campground, and new parking lot area

                What?  Jobs we intend to complete are

a)  Erecting the tarp of the shade shelter beside the pavilion.

 b) Rake and remove pine needles, cones etc from the campground

c) Rake, pile and remove rocks and sticks from the new part of the parking lot.  Jen Brock has graciously offered to bring her 3Pt hitch landscape rake so we can do much of this with the tractor.

                Who?  Everyone is invited…  4H Members, RCBFA Members, anyone who enjoys our community’s fair.

                Why?  The Rock Creek Fall Fair is truly a community event, and it depends on many different things to keep it financially viable.  It costs a lot of money ($???/day x 365/year!!) to run and we need to diversify our income to buffer against bad weather on fair day and pandemic type cancellations.  Having a facility that attracts income from campers and renters using the various RCBFA areas helps us to maintain and grow the fair.  We appreciate the contributions of our sponsors, various government levels, fair attendees, RCBAF employees, facility renters AND ESPECIALLY volunteers like you!!

 Other things to bring:

                A bagged lunch, but we will provide dessert and soft beverages.

                Work and safety clothing

                Garden-type tools like rock forks, pitchforks, and rakes.

If we have enough attendance on Friday, May 12 we may not need to hold the Saturday bee!!