Request for Proposals: Manufacturing Kitchen in Greenwood

City of Greenwood

Request for Proposals for Renovations to create a Shared Use Manufacturing Kitchen in Greenwood. 

  1. The Project:

The City of Greenwood has agreed to lease the kitchen at the Barbara Diane Colin Memorial ball-park in the City of Greenwood to the Boundary Community Ventures Assn. as a key component of their Boundary Food Hub initiative. The Boundary Food Hub will become part of the Ministry of Agriculture’s Feed BC Policy as one of the several new food hubs being developed in the Province of BC. The BC Food Hub Network aims to foster growth and innovation in the processing sector through improved industry access to facilities, equipment, technology, technical services, and business supports.

 In order to comply with Food Safe standards as a shared-use Manufacturing kitchen, renovations and upgrades are needed.  The work will be done in two phases with the renovations to the men’s washroom and the kitchen in Phase 1 and closing in the current walkway in Phase 2.  This will allow the kitchen to be set up before the new room for the pie making equipment is closed in. All requirements are shown in the accompanying drawings. 

  1. The Requirements Phase 1:   
    1. Changes to the current Men’s Washroom:
      1. Upgrade the door locking system to a keyless, electronic lock that allows several users to have unique codes similar to the Google Nest x Yale Smart Lock – Model # RFB-YRD540-WV-61
      2. Remove the urinal.
      3. Replace this with a janitor’s sink.
      4. Open the wall to the main kitchen area. 
      5. A solid core interior door must be installed.
    2. Changes in the kitchen area:
      1. Remove the hand sink from the counter-top.
      2. Remove electrical outlet from counter and install in a safe location. 
      3. Open the current drain and install a commercial floor drain with U-shaped P-trap.
      4. Install a wall mounted hand washing sink with a knee operated valve and drain to the existing under-sink drain. 
      5. All walls in the kitchen area need to be reclad with vinyl 4×8 sheets to meet Interior Health standards for food preparation and storage areas, so that walls, ceilings, floors, shelves, and counters must be smooth, impervious, and easy to clean.
      6. Floors require a food safe coating:  2 coasts of a Water-based epoxy to 4-6mils thickness (dry) such as ‘ U Coat-AM system’ from ‘U-coat it’ or equivalent.
  1. Requirements, Phase 2–Closing in the current walkway:
    1. The shutters in the current north wall of the kitchen will be removed and re-installed in the newly closed in area.  
      1. The re-installations will require electric wiring installation so that they can continue to be operated. 
      2. One shutter will be on the new north wall and will require a non-opening interior window allowing visitors to watch the pie making process when the shutter is opened. 
      3. One will be next to the current men’s washroom.  This will be an opening shutter for use for serving at public events.
    2. PLUMBING: A commercial floor drain with U shaped p-trap must be installed with the drain connected to the existing sewer line.
    3. A layer of cement over the current walkway will be required once the services are installed.  An extension of a 5’X8’ cement pad outside the shipping/receiving door is required.
    4. Two out-swing double 36” commercial door will be installed in the east side of the closed in area with an unencumbered opening into the storage and shipping area.  A deadbolt lock system is required allowing the door to be opened and secured from both sides. 
      1. An interior solid door closing the main area from the servery will be installed.
      2. A partition to close off the shipping/storage area will be installed.
      3. Once the area is enclosed, the shutters will be removed and re-installed as noted above.   One of the shutter openings will become a doorway with a vinyl strip curtain.  The other will become a man doorway into the storage/shipping area with an interior door installed.
      4. Electrical connections in the new area will be needed as noted in the drawings.
  2. Site visit:  Interested vendors are invited to a site visit on March 12 at 12:00 pm noon.
  3. Vendors Response:
    1. Please submit your proposal to the Greenwood City Hall by March 22.  
    2. The proposal must show specifications of materials to be provided separated from labour costs separated by phase. 
    3. The proposal must include references from recent customers.
    4. Please show information regarding your insurance coverage and WorkSafe BC registration. 
    5. Please include you estimate of when work can begin and dates for completion of each of phase 1 and 2. 
  4. Selection Criteria.
    1. The City of Greenwood reserves the right to select a contractor for this project based upon value for money and start and completion dates provided.
    2. Proposals will be opened publicly on March 22, at 11:00 am and the winning proposal will be announced on March 24. 
    3. The City of Greenwood shall not be obligated in any manner to any proponent until its financing has been confirmed and a written agreement has been negotiated and duly executed by both parties.