Red Earth Medicine: Pow Wow program 2024

Way’, Tansi

Pow Wow program 2024, Reclaiming Our Rites to Ceremonial Dance

Red Earth Medicine wishes to express gratitude to the community for participating and celebrating the historic Honouring Our Youth Pow Wow, held at Boundary Secondary School, last December. Many attendees travelled through a major snow storm and poor driving conditions to celebrate this first in several decades event.    

Flowing from this is the 2024 Pow Wow program Reclaiming Our Rites to Ceremonial Dance.  

Reclaiming Our Rites offers a journey of growth, community connections and healing. 

Focused on supporting indigenous youth and the leadership within them, the youth’s journey is strengthened by family and the community upholding them. All community and ages are welcome to participate in the entire program, parts of the program or a single aspect of the program. Space and funding are preferential to indigenous youth and families.

  • Plans are in the works for 8 sessions for Regalia making and 3 individual weekends for professional Pow Wow dance training, Hide tanning, and attending a neighbouring community’s Pow-Wow.
  • The Reclaiming Our Rites program will close with a full day celebration hosting our own local Pow Wow.

Registration/program overview McArthur Centre 1355 Veterans Lane Greenwood, Jan 20, 11 am to 1 pm.

*Ongoing registration accepted for all or individual sessions / workshops. Please email to register at

Funded by Red Earth Medicine and the Department of Canadian Heritage/ Indigenous Sport Unit/Sport Canada