RDKB Update: Boundary Region drought conditions July 23, 2021

BC Drought Portal: Provincial Drought Level 4 (Extremely Dry)

Water users need to work together for maximum water use reduction to ensure community and ecosystem needs can be met.


Just a quick look at our water levels throughout our region.  Water levels continue to drop throughout the Boundary, with significant rain now needed in order to restore flows to normal conditions for this time of year. Attached document includes a review of stream levels, precipitation over the past 30 days and excerpts from the recent Provincial letter to all Kettle Basin water users – requesting a voluntary 50% water withdrawal reduction at drought level 4 and 30% water withdrawal reduction at drought level 3.

Know that water conservation continues to be everyone’s responsibility. So many in the Boundary area have already made significant changes to your water withdrawals and use, a huge thank you from all of us for your efforts and those of your users. As we continue to use water from the Kettle River watershed, remember that all groundwater and surface water use can impact the systems. Every drop counts.

Continue to be FireSmart and WaterSmart as we head into, what is looking to be, a hot August.

RDKB Boundary Region Drought Response Plan (2021)

To read the report in its entirety, including graphs and more data, click here. 


Kristina Andersen, Watershed Planner