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The RDKB is conducting a survey about public transit in the Boundary.  Currently, it doesn’t serve the entire Boundary and is underfunded.

Comments from Vicki Gee, Area ‘E’ Director:

Currently only a small part of Area E is included in the Boundary Transit Service, surrounding the City of Greenwood west as far as Boundary Falls.  The current service is a once a week run on Fridays from Greenwood to Grand Forks and back.  This run is very popular; often the bus is full.  We are facing challenges with the service overall (West & East Boundary)  because the amount we are able to raise by taxation is no longer enough to support the service.

The RDKB is conducting a survey to get a general feel for what people would like to see.  This service is important for people who are already in the service area.  I’d also like to hear from people west of the current service (west of Boundary Falls) to see if there is an appetite for expanding the service further into the West Boundary.  If this is something that interests you, please take the RDKB survey so we can evaluate how much interest there is in public transit in other parts of the West Boundary.

Take the survey.



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