RDKB Press Release: High Stream Flow Advisory for the Boundary: RDKB Emergency Operation Centre Activated

High Stream Flow Advisory for the Boundary: RDKB’s Emergency Operation Centre Activated

The forecast is calling or moderate to heavy rain falls in the Boundary over the next five days, with pockets of very intense rain predicted to fall on Sunday, June 5th and Monday, June 6th.

Thunderstorms are likely and the threat of floods are a concern for the West Kettle and Kettle Rivers in the West Boundary.

With a delayed melt and high snow levels for this time of year in the Boundary, emergency personnel are looking at the potential impact of incoming rains falling on melting snowpacks.

‘Today’s models are higher than previous days” says RDKB’s emergency manager and EOC Director Mark Stephens. ” It’s a tough weather pattern to predict for forecasters and one that changes on a daily basis.  We’re being vigilant by activating our Emergency Operations Center and are monitoring the forecasts so that we can respond quickly if needed” he adds.

The advice from the RDKB Regional Emergency Operation Centre team is to be proactive: get prepared before the rain heads our way and stay away from streams and rivers. 

Regularly monitor the emergency.rdkb.com website as well as the @RDKB_Emergency twitter feed for the latest emergency news, weather forecasts and alerts.  Use it to find out the ways you can protect your home, how to make an emergency plan and build your grab & go bags so that you can leave at short notice if you have to.  

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If you have not already registered, sign up for emergency notifications at https://voyent-alert.com/ca/community/#registration