RDKB Boundary Region Drought Conditions and Updates

Boundary Region Drought Conditions and Updates 

Date: June 8, 2023 

Kristina Anderson, RDKB Watershed Planner 

With the shift from weather pattern La Nina, cooler and wetter conditions, to El Nino known for hot and dry conditions,  the forecast for the Boundary Region is for high temperatures (temp) this summer and that we should prepare for  drought and increased wildfire potential. As stream water levels drop after the spring melt, the time is now to prepare  for, what could be, a summer with restricted water access. This could include ensure trees are deeply watered, planting  more FireSmart approved shade trees, increasing your areas that are drought tolerant and taking the time now to  establish these plants, setting up your drip irrigation lines, identifying and preparing areas for reduced/no irrigation  during the later summer months, etc. The time is now to prepare for what could be a very dry summer ahead.  

The spring melt started early this year due to recent hot weather, and now water levels are lower than normal. If hot  temps continue without enough rain to recharge our creeks the Boundary Region may see drought conditions much  sooner than previous years. With the current rise in ocean temperatures, comparisons are being made to conditions  experienced in 2015, with some reports saying it could be worse.  

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Thanks Kristina Anderson, RDKB Watershed Planner, for a super informative report.