Job Posting: Executive Director for West Boundary Community Services Co-Operative Association

The West Boundary Community Services Co-Operative Association (WBCSC) participates as a collaborative partner, along with other organizations, in planning and aiding in social service delivery and economic development for the West Boundary.  As the operator of the Riverside Center in Rock Creek, we provide a location for this purpose.

The Executive Director must provide leadership to our organization and act as an agent for social change by supporting various committees and initiatives which impact positively the health and well-being of the citizens and communities of the West Boundary.  

  • Plans, organizes, directs, controls and administers all WBCSC activities, programs and operations directly or through other reporting managers as consistent with WBCSC policy, goals and objectives and in accordance with legal, statutory, constitutional and other requirements.  
  • Provides direct management of the Riverside Centre community hub in Rock Creek, including oversight of necessary maintenance activities.
  • Works with community committees and groups to ensure support to their collaborative efforts.   
  • Ensures that West Boundary communities are supported in building capacity and citizen involvement in social issues and economic development.  
  • Promotes WBCSC through contact with the community, business organizations, government and the general public.


  • Knowledge and skills are acquired through a combination of formal university training and experience in working with a community social services agency.
  • Education in the areas of planning, organization, financial management and control, communications, policy development and administrative management required.  
  • Must be committed to lifelong learning and be willing to enhance education and job skills and participate in some learning and training on own time.

Skills and Abilities:

  • Knowledge of human service skills required.  
  • Experience with supervisory duties, in an integrated, multi-service organization.
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills. 

Additional Information:

  • Must have the ability to function independently and under pressure while managing multiple concurrent projects and deadlines.  
  • Must be able to effectively manage crisis and emergency situations. 
  • Participation at meetings, conferences and other events may involve long workdays, and travel and evening or weekend work.
  • We are flexible & are willing to discuss days/hours of work.  You will be required to work primarily onsite at the Riverside Centre in Rock Creek.  There may be some flexibility for working from home as well, depending on the task(s).
  • Please mail your proposal to:  3990 Hwy 3, Rock Creek BC V0H 1Y0, or email to:   by September 4, 2020

The Co-op reserves the right to not award the contract to any of the respondents.