From RDKB: Cooling Spaces and suggestions for dealing with the heat

DYK that Emergency Map BC shows the location of public cooling spaces in the RDKB and beyond?  

If you need to cool off during the day during extreme heat conditions – head to the closest public library, spray park, leisure/Information centre or public swimming pool pinned on the map in various communities.…/index.html…


1. Know the symptoms of heat-related illness and check on those who are at risk, particularly if they live alone.

2. Know how to keep your home cool and where to seek cooler locations.

3. Drink lots of water. Sugary and alcoholic drinks cause dehydration and put you at greater risk of heat-related illness.

4. If you must be outdoors, take precautions to stay cool. This includes wearing protective clothing and sunscreen, seeking cooler outdoor spaces and staying in shaded areas as much as possible.

Stay Safe