Directory Policy

These guidelines are meant to make sure that businesses and organizations that list in the directory have an understanding of the management decisions we make.

Our goals are:

  • To promote local businesses
  • To provide our residents with a robust listing of businesses and services
  • To give businesses and organizations control over their own listing
  • To keep the Directory up-to-date and relevant

When a new listing is added, the following steps occur:

  • Your listing will go into a draft area, waiting for approval
  • Our Admin Team will be notified by email that a listing is waiting for approval
  • They will evaluate the listing to make sure it qualifies for the website
  • They will assign your listing to a primary category and at least one sub category
  • They will reach out to you to make sure they understand the nature of your business and confirm the categories they assigned.

Criteria for publishing a directory entry for a business:

  • The business must be located in the West Boundary. We make occasional exceptions, but services must be delivered in person, in the West Boundary. Delivering online services to our area will not qualify for a listing in the Directory. Selling products to West Boundary residents or businesses will not qualify a business outside the area for a listing.
  • One Directory entry is allowed per business.
  • We can add multiple subcategories as appropriate. This will make your listing appear under multiple searches.
  • We reserve the right to disallow an entry if, in our opinion, it promotes products or services that are illegal.
  • We do not take responsibility for products or services provided by the businesses and organizations listed in the Directory.

We use the following definitions to decide to which category a listing belongs. We assign categories so we can offer the public consistent expectation about what to expect in each category. If you disagree with the category(ies) we’ve assigned, we will bring your request for change to our Website Committee for a final decision.

Categories, subcategories

B&B: Overnight stay includes at least one meal.
Ranch Stays: Reserved for stays on active farms or ranches.

Agriculture Support
This section is used to list agricultural support organizations and non-profit community organizations serving local agriculture.
Agricultural Supports: organizations (usually non-profit) which are associations of producers and processors, or which promote agriculture in general
Farmers’ Markets: community run, not for profit markets that promote locally grown, raised and processed food

Arts & Culture
This section consists primarily of public and community groups.

This is where most for profit businesses are listed. We will work with you to choose the right category, or add a new category if none fit your business.

Active Cemeteries: licensed through Consumer Protection BC
Inactive Cemeteries: historical cemeteries that are not licensed to accept burial or cremated remains

Organizations, places of worship; an organization must be responsible for the listing.

Community Services, Organizations
This section consists of primarily public and community groups.

Conservation, Environment
This section consists primarily of public and community groups.

Education & Training
This section consists primarily of public and community groups.

Government & Advocacy
This section consists primarily of different levels of government and advocacy organizations.

Health & Wellness
Includes public institutions, non-profit organizations and private practitioners.

Recreation, Sports
Consists of public & non-profit facilities, and private businesses whose primary purpose relates to recreation and sport

Safety & Emergency Preparedness
Consists of public institutions, non-profit organizations and businesses whose primary purpose relates to safety and emergency preparedness

Visitor Centres
Includes full service Visitor Information Centres and Information Booths that are operated through Destination BC