Director’s Corner: Okanagan Film Commission scouting remotely during Covid

Kelowna BC – April 24, 2020 – Jon Summerland, Okanagan Film Commissioner, is mapping out safety concerns and solutions that need to be addressed and solved for the time when Interior Health allows film production to get back up on its feet again.

Jon comments, “Film commissioners and film industry executives are discussing how we will be able to ease back into production with the big challenges a return poses. And we must do this while ensuring the safety of everyone.  So, if you have ever thought of having your home used as a location, there is an opportunity for you to help us out.”

Since the outbreak of Covid-19 the film industry has had to change strategies. For instance, instead of scouting for locations one film at a time, we have been tasked with scouting locations for multiple productions so that when we return to filming we will have our location files ready and up to date.   However, as we are in self-isolation it is difficult to send scouts out to find and photograph locations, so if people who have an interest in the future to have their home in a film or tv series for a fee, then now is a good time to photograph and register their home.  There are stories for all sorts of homes, from modest to mansions.  The instruction for how to photograph your home and what to do once the photos are processed is in this link:

There will be no legitimate registered filming until Interior Health gives the thumbs up and we are cleared to return to business.   Premier John Horgan commented on CTV news on April 9 that BC could emerge as a preferred film destination in North America as producers are paying close attention to how BC is handling the Covid-19 crisis. Jon Summerland summarizes, “Our goal is to get the industry back on its feet while ensuring film crews and the public are all safe, so every precaution will be taken while working within the public and private property.  In terms of locations/homes this will include the creation of new jobs that include crew that not only will clean the properties, but sterilize it before and after filming takes place.”  

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