Director’s Corner: Holiday Message from Vicki Gee, RDKB Area ‘E’ Director

As I write this message, we are facing uncertainty for another Christmas.  Some of us are grieving not being able to see our families.  Some are struggling more than others with fear of the pandemic we continue to endure.  We are in shock at the devastation from flooding in other communities.  Some of us have better coping mechanisms than others.  Some have more resources than others.  It’s more important than ever to be connected to our neighbours, to make sure they’re managing…for our own benefit as well as theirs.

Many of us who are involved with community organizations are working hard to reach out to people.  Thanks to all our volunteers in these many organizations.  I am so thankful to live where we know our neighbours and have more opportunities to be part of a community.   Please reach out to each other.  Please reach out to someone when you need to connect.   Here is a short list of people you can call over the holidays if you need to just talk to someone. 

My phone# is 250 446-2042.    Vivien Browne:  250 528-7433    Pat Henley:  250 528-0227

Merry Christmas