Director’s Corner: Holiday Greetings

As I’m rounding out my first year as the elected official for Area E, there’s a lot to talk about.  Our Advisory Planning Commission, a knowledgeable group of volunteers encompassing Beaverdell-Carmi to Greenwood, have been working hard to ensure all referrals to the Regional District, including farmland and forestry, is managed properly. Big White has a separate APC and a group of residents is currently working on updating the Official Community Plan there.  APC’s in each Electoral Area are valuable to the RDKB Board of Directors in order to be informed regarding concerns from local residents.  

The RDKB is responsible for managing:

  • Solid waste management (landfill, recycling depot, and transfer stations)
  • Residential services outside municipal boundaries
  • Regional parks and recreation
  • Rural area planning and development
  • 911 operation
  • Fire dispatch
  • Heritage conservation

The learning curve is quite steep the first year, but there’s a wealth of experience on our Board of Directors and knowledgeable staff to help navigate the policies and bylaws.  

I’m extremely grateful for the small “army” of volunteers in the area who devote their time and energy helping the variety of societies in the West Boundary.  I’ve been fortunate to have the means to help through grants including the Rock Creek Medical Society, Midway Curling Club & Library, Greenwood Medical Centres & Board of Trade, Transportation, Ski Hills, Youth Sports Groups, Seniors, First Nations, and various Community Clubs and Events including Farmers Markets.  The Boundary area has a well-organized Food Security Network which I was happy to support as well.

As 2023 comes to a close, and however you choose to celebrate the holiday season, my greeting is to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year.   May your health be your riches and your family and friends bring you joy!