Director’s Corner: Grant-in-Aid Available to Fund Upcoming First Aid Courses

If you are a member of a non-profit society in the West Boundary, your society can apply for grant-in-aid to reimburse your registration for either the 2-day First Aid course, or the 1-day Emergency First Aid course.


  1. Approach the chair of your organization with your request
  2. They may then apply for a grant-in-aid to reimburse the registration fee to you upon successful completion of the course
  3. Please confirm with your organization that they have made arrangements with me to apply for grant-in-aid

 Note that you have to make your own arrangements to register and pay for the course through the course organizers. For information about the 2-day First Aid Course, click here.  For information about the 1-day Emergency Course, click here.   Each organization can submit a grant-in-aid application to me for 1-2 people, depending on how many applications I get.


Vicki Gee
Regional Director, Regional District of Kootenay Boundary
(250) 446-2042