Website Publishing Guidelines

Four types of submissions are considered for posting on the website:

  1. Email Notifications (emails to all subscribers currently signed up)
  2. Community Calendar Entries
  3. Directory 
  4. Workshop Entries

Email Notifications

Submissions for Email Notifications are considered from the following sources:

  • RDKB (Regional District of Kootenay Boundary)
  • Area E Director
  • Other levels of government
  • Public service announcements
  • Non Profit organizations in the West Boundary

Note that we do not post email notifications for individuals or businesses.  We direct them to the Kettle River Echo.  

Generally, we don’t post “news”.  We direct these submissions to the Kettle River Echo.

We routinely make judgements about whether or not notifications will be posted, based on their relevance to the West Boundary.  In particular, with email notifications, we often see people unsubscribe when the content isn’t relevant or it’s too frequent.  Examples of when we apply judgement:

  • We would not consider posting regular meeting notices for the many non profits in the West Boundary, but we would post AGM notices.  There are about 60 non profits in the West Boundary!
  • We only post those RDKB notices that we consider relevant to the West Boundary.

We don’t generally post email notifications for regular services for individual faith based organizations.  We do post combine notifications as applicable (e.g. Christmas services throughout the West Boundary).  We do post events and fundraisers for faith based organizations, as we do for all non-profit organizations.

We only post fundraising events for non-profit organizations and only when the beneficiary of the funds is stated on the materials.

Notifications are also posted on WestBoundary Connect Facebook page.  They are posted to other relevant Facebook pages under the name “West BoundaryFan”.   

Community Calendar

Submissions for Community Calendar entries are considered from the following sources:

  • RDKB (Regional District of Kootenay Boundary)
  • Area E Director
  • Other levels of government
  • Public service organizations
  • Non Profit Organizations in the West Boundary

We routinely make judgements about whether or not calendar entries will be posted, based on:

  • Whether they are local 
  • Their relevance to the West Boundary;  e.g. we may post an event that isn’t in the West Boundary if we consider it to be relevant to our area.  

Note that we do not post calendar entries for individuals, businesses or regular faith based services.  Note that dates and times of faith based services can be found in the Directory.  


Directory entries are accepted from businesses and organizations based on the following criteria: 

  • they are located in the West Boundary
  • we accept listings from government and service organizations located outside the West Boundary if they provide direct services in the West Boundary (e.g. Boundary Community Food Bank, Boundary Family Services, government agencies)

There is no charge for having an entry in the Directory.  You can add your business or organization yourself and update it as you need to.  You will need to create an ID and Password to access your directory listing.  You can add photos and you can include a link to your own website or other social media account as applicable.  If you need help with this, please contact our Website Coordinator:   


At this time we only post information about workshops that Trails to the Boundary Society is hosting.


Trails to the Boundary Society owns and operates this website.  We retain the right to approve all submissions for posting on this website.  All submissions must be accepted by the Website Administrator, who is responsible for applying these guidelines.  If there is any question about whether these guidelines are met, the Website Administrator will bring the request to the Website Steering Committee for approval, which approval may be withheld in the judgement of the Committee members.  These guidelines are reviewed annually by the Board of Directors of the Society.