Kettle River Echo Publishing Guidelines

The Kettle River Echo is a community newsletter that is published by Trails to the Boundary Society.  It is distributed free through Canada Post to all households who accept “Consumer Choice” mail (i.e. unaddressed mail, flyers) in Greenwood, Midway, Rock Creek, Bridesville, Westbridge and Beaverdell.  It is distributed to 1,000+ households.

The Echo is published primarily by volunteers.  Printing and mailing costs are covered by paid advertising.  

Three types of submissions are considered for printing in the Echo:

  1. Content submissions   
  2. Paid advertising from local businesses
  3. Free advertising for local non-profits

General guidelines for accepting all submissions:

  • Must be from, about or for the West Boundary
  • Submissions will be published at the discretion of the Editor, based on available space, legality, taste and relevance to the West Boundary
  • Submissions must be emailed to by the 15th of the month for that month’s issue

Guidelines for content submissions:

  • Content is accepted from all levels of government, depending on available space and relevance to the West Boundary
  • Public Service information will be accepted, based on available space and relevance to the West Boundary
  • Community news, historical articles and other submissions of general interest
  • Submissions promoting a particular political party or candidate in any election will not be accepted, except as a group, where we are giving equal space and opportunity to each at election time

Guidelines for paid advertising:

  • Advertising from West Boundary businesses is accepted, depending on available space
  • We reserve the right to publish ads for businesses located outside the West Boundary, at our discretion, if we deem that the services advertised are not covered by local businesses 
  • We do not accept advertising from individuals

Free advertising for local non-profits:

  • Ads from local non-profits for events will be placed at no charge, depending on available space
  • We restrict free advertising for non-profits to those that are located in the West Boundary
  • We will also list your meetings and events in the “Mark Your Calendar” section


Trails to the Boundary Society owns and operates the Kettle River Echo.  We retain the right to approve all submissions for publication.  All submissions must be accepted by the Editor, who is responsible for applying these guidelines.  If there is any question about whether these guidelines are met, the Editor will bring the request to the Echo Steering Committee for approval, which approval may be withheld in the judgement of the Committee members.  These guidelines are reviewed annually by the Board of Directors of the Society.